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SDMC: What’re New Innovations and Technologies at Network X 2023?

2023-10-27    542 Reads
Network X 2023, the premier telecommunications event of the year, concluded with immense success at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. Celebrated as one of the most comprehensive platforms in the telco industry, this year's edition witnessed participation from telco industry leaders from around the world, drawing an impressive crowd of attendees. Covering the field of Fixed Networks, Mobile Networks, and Telco software, the event spotlighted crucial deployment and monetization strategies across technologies such as fiber, 5G, and network cloud. At Network X 2023, SDMC showcased its latest products and solutions, attracting significant attention from attendees.

As broadband and innovation surge, consumer demands are shifting from basic voice and internet to home entertainment and smart services. These evolving demands pose challenges for global operators, prompting them to focus more on home networking. Leading this innovation wave, SDMC crafts next-gen product lines tailored for the intricate requirements of today's gigabit-centric world.

At Network X 2023, SDMC showcased an extensive array of home networking products, spotlighting the Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON ONT, Wi-Fi 5/6/7 Mesh Router, Wi-Fi7 PON ONT, 5G CPE, DOCSIS3.1 Cable Modem, and the Wi-Fi 6 Matter Gateway. These not only embrace mainstream access technologies like Fiber/DOCSIS but also champion cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6/7 connectivity. Looking ahead, these devices will adopt the OpenWrt operating system to align with the multifaceted business goals of operators. Integration with major management platforms, such as Plume and DZS, is also on the horizon, fostering intelligent device management and diverse operator-centric business strategies.

SDMC's innovations span both hardware and software, offering operators a robust, green gigabit network that aligns with current home entertainment and smart connectivity needs. Moreover, SDMC is empowering operators to the strategic rollout of 10 Gigabit home network. This enables a "one-stop" solution for subscribers, covering a broad spectrum of smart home services—ranging from security to energy-saving and entertainment—thereby enhancing operational worth and unlocking the revenue potential of household connectivity.

Moreover, SDMC rolled out an array of products, including Android TV devices, Google TV devices, AI fitness boxes, XR Station, smart projectors, smart speakers, as well as IP cameras and smart touch switches, etc. These products are expertly crafted to empower global operators in building a smart home ecosystem that offers users a premium, smart living experience, ensuring new opportunities for business revenue growth.

Throughout the event, SDMC's booth became a hub for engagement and discourse. We had the privilege of interacting with a lot of clients, each expressing keen interest in our offerings.

We'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who visited and engaged with us at Network X 2023. Should you wish for a deeper dive into our products or seek a collaborative conversation, we invite you to connect with us for an online meeting. We remain ever-eager to explore avenues for collaboration and innovation. Thank you for your unwavering support!

SDMC is committed to providing the leading solutions of Digital Video, Smart Connection, and Cloud Services for Operators.

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