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SDMC Launches Smart Home Fusion Gateway to Facilitate Global Operators’ Smart Home Ecosystem Construction

2023-09-17    660 Reads
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 17th., 2023 - SDMC (IBC 2023, Stand 1.F58) officially released the 4G LTE Wi-Fi 6 Router Gateway - NI5435M, at the IBC 2023 for the operator market. This launch aims to continuously assist operators in smart home networking and the construction of the smart home ecosystem, offering comprehensive technical support and services for operators' smart home business.

SDMC's AX5400 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Matter Gateway

Broadcom & Silicon Labs High-end Chip Solution

Leveraging the BCM6756 CPU, BCM6715 5GHz Wi-Fi IC, and EFR32MG21 IoT wireless SoC, SDMC's Matter Fusion Gateway not only offers multiple gigabit ports for wired connections for end-user devices, but also achieves a wireless Wi-Fi network speed of up to 5400Mbps, providing robust, low-latency performance for bandwidth-intensive applications, and ensuring reliable high-speed connectivity for enterprise and home users.

The EFR32MG21 IoT wireless SoC integrated into SDMC's smart home fusion gateway NI5435M provides dual-protocol flexibility, supporting both Thread and Zigbee protocols. This allows the NI5435M to function as a Matter over Thread gateway for connecting Thread-based devices, while also serving as a Zigbee bridge to onboard Zigbee products. The gateway’s versatile support for multiple IP-based smart home protocols ensures interoperability, enabling Matter-compatible devices from different manufacturers and ZigBee devices already used by users to coexist and interconnect in the Matter ecosystem.

Broadcom & Silicon Labs High-end Chip Solution

High-speed Network Connection

NI5435M adheres to the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, IEEE 802.11k/v/r, and IEEE 802.15.4 standards, offering Wi-Fi network rates of up to 5400Mbps. For wired connectivity, the gateway enables high-speed data sharing through one 2.5Ge WAN port and three Ge LAN ports.

The gateway also integrates management capabilities via SDMC's XHome platform and app for remote monitoring and control.

High-speed 4G LTE / 5G Module (Optional) & Large-capacity Lithium Battery

The NI5435M comes with an integrated 4G LTE Cat6 module, fully supporting various 4G network frequencies like LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD, while also being compatible with WCDMA, GSM/EDGE, GNSS (optional): GPS/GLONASS/BDS/Galileo/QZSS, and other 3G and 2G network frequencies.

Additionally, the NI5435M has a built-in 6000mAh high-capacity battery. Even if the user's home broadband is disconnected or there's a power outage, the NI5435M's 4G LTE module, combined with the large-capacity lithium battery, can provide users with a backup 4G wireless internet solution and a low-latency smart home full-scenario experience (note: requires sub-device support with battery).

High-speed 4G LTE Module

Helping Operators Accelerate the Construction of Smart Home Ecosystem

With the acceleration of global broadband construction, operators are increasingly focusing on the broadband quality of their home users, as well as the quality, application scenarios, and sustainable value-added subscription services of their home IoT networks. Since operators' home broadband gateway devices have already taken control of the broadband entrance, the emergence of Matter will further enhance operators' influence and product control in the home IoT and smart home ecosystem. Therefore, supporting Matter in broadband gateways and Mesh networking devices will benefit the continuous development of operators and provide a better smart home experience for users.

SDMC's NI5435M, as Matter and Router fusion gateway product,  offers operators a robust, flexible, and highly integrated fusion gateway solution. Beyond expanding the range of choices for operators in crafting a smart home ecosystem, it ensures their subscribers benefit from high-speed, low-latency, and reliable network connections, which is essential for 8K streaming, AR/VR experiences, and PCs, mobile devices, and other smart home devices that require reliable networks.

The NI5435M is not only a powerful network control center, but also a future-oriented smart home management center. Based on the SDMC XHome management platform and APP, NI5435M provides smart home services for various scenarios to operators through cloud-based AI real-time learning ability, the intelligent judgment ability of the edge gateway, and the active intelligent adaptation ability.

SDMC is on a mission to build a smart home ecosystem by helping global operators deliver smart home media entertainment services in the most effortless way. If you intend to upgrade your Wi-Fi network, enhance the reach of services in subscribers' homes, and deliver a consistent wireless experience, feel free to contact our team at info@sdmctech.com and we'd be delighted to discuss your home networking and smart home business strategy.

SDMC Smart Home Solution on Matter

SDMC is committed to providing the leading solutions of Digital Video, Smart Connection, and Cloud Services for Operators.

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