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Smart Water Leakage Detector

Introducing our Water Leakage Detector, precision-engineered to detect even minimal water overflow. Once the sensor's probe detects excess water bridging its two poles, it instantly activates a flashing light alarm. Simultaneously, a signal is relayed to the gateway, ensuring users receive immediate notifications via the dedicated app. Tailored for environments like homes, hotels, and offices, it stands as a cornerstone for comprehensive water damage prevention. For global operators seeking robust solutions, this Water Leakage Detector is a great addition to any advanced smart home or commercial system.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Streamlined setup process for rapid deployment.
  • Low Battery Indication: Always stay informed of the device's power status.
  • Water Leak Detection: Swift and accurate response to potential water hazards.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Resilient build quality ensures reliable operation in wet conditions.
  • Smart Linkage: Seamless integration with prevailing smart systems.
  • App Notification: Instant, real-time alerts ensuring maximum preparedness.

Smart Water Leakage Detector
Smart Water Leakage Detector
Smart Water Leakage Detector specs

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