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Smart Light Bulb

Meet the LB0901E/LB1201E Smart Light Bulb, combining style and versatility. Experience a spectrum of hues and customizable brightness, delivering a tailored ambiance for every occasion - be it a cozy dinner or an immersive movie night. With dual connectivity options, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, managing this bulb is a breeze even without a Hub. This Bulb works smoothly with SDMC XHome, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, empowering users to control and set the perfect mood from any corner of the globe. Elevate your users’ spaces with the LB0901E/LB1201E Smart Light Bulb, exclusively for global operators seeking superior illumination solutions.

Key Features:

  • RGB Color: Dive into a myriad of vibrant colors and tones.
  • Wi-Fi & BLE Connectivity: Enjoy flexible connection options without the need for extra hardware.
  • Schedule Setting: Automate lighting patterns and brightness based on your routines.
  • Multiple Styles: A design tailored to fit any room's aesthetic.
  • Smart LED: Energy-efficient, lasting illumination.
  • App Control: Customize and control lighting with a touch on your smartphone.

Smart Light Bulb
Smart Light Bulb size
Smart Light Bulb specs

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