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Smart Door & Window Sensor

The Smart Door & Window Sensor provides meticulous and rapid detection of movements from doors, windows, appliances, cabinets, and beyond. Upon separation of its main unit and magnet beyond a set threshold, it sends a wireless signal to the gateway, initiating alarms or other designated smart actions. It's an essential tool for operators aiming to enhance their smart home portfolio.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Sensitive: Detect even subtle movements, offering premium security solutions.
  • Easy Installation: Minimize setup time, ensuring a smooth integration into existing infrastructures.
  • Low Battery Indication: Continuous operation without interruptions, enhancing client satisfaction.
  • App Notification: Immediate alerts, facilitating rapid responses.
  • Tamper Alarm: A layer of added security against potential interference.
  • Smart Linkage: Amplify the breadth of your smart home offerings with seamless device integration.

Smart Door & Window Sensor
Smart Door & Window Sensor size
Smart Door & Window Sensor specs

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