● Full Compliant with IEEE802.3ah, CTC3.0.        
● Fully ITU G.984 Compliant        
● Download: 2.48832Gbps  Uplink: 1.24416Gbps        
● Support TR069    
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Basic parameters
System Chipset: RTL9601
CPU: RTL9601
DRAM: 256MB 
Flash: 64MB
Interface 1 PON port
1 GE LAN port
Connectivity Button: Power button, Reset button
Other Input voltage: DC in 12V/0.5A 
Power consumption: 5W Max
Operation temperature:0~40℃
Humidity: 0-95%
Size(L*W*H): 89*89*30mm
Material: plastic
Proposed Accessory: Ethernet cable, User manual, Power adapter

  • 18 years' experience in the industry of Digital TV and OTT/IPTV
  • Developed and designed Amlogic Android products since 2011 based on Android 2.0
  • Top 5 in Google's Android TV pipelines
  • More than 100 Android TV projects
  • Only 2 weeks to pass the Netflix hailstorm certification without operator's tier
  • Own DVB middleware is being used for many broadcasters
  • SDMC's XMediaTV OTT platform provides fast customization for operators
  • Factory partners with India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil to avoid high tax

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