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SDMC Releases Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON Terminal to Facilitate Operators’ Smart Home Networking Construction

2023-09-15    1644 Reads
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 15th., 2023 - SDMC (IBC 2023, Stand 1.F58) officially released the NP19X44XGS, a Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON terminal product for the enterprise market, continuing to faciiliate home networking construction between operators and smart home users, and providing comprehensive support for broadband businesses.

NP19X44XGS Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON terminal by SDMC

High-end Broadcom Chipset Solution

The SDMC Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON terminal is equipped with Broadcom's high-end BCM68880 gateway processor and BCM67263 & BCM6726 Wi-Fi chips. It adopts advanced XGS-PON fiber access technology and the latest Wi-Fi 7 wireless technology, supporting fiber access rates up to 9.953Gbps. Meanwhile, the terminal devices can enjoy 10Gbps wired connections and wireless bandwidth up to 18673Mbps, which greatly enhances the experience of various high-quality network applications for enterprises and users.

High-end Broadcom Chipset Solution

The BCM68880 gateway processor is powered by a quad-core ARM A55 CPU running at up to 2.85GHz and Broadcom's sixth generation dual issue network packet processor (DI-XRDP), delivering excellent business application flexibility and benchmark performance. Each processor executes independently, providing maximum flexibility for concurrent processing of CPE applications and high-throughput network services.

10GE Ports Enable Ultra-high-speed Ethernet Connections

As a highly integrated XGS-PON device, NP19X44XGS adheres to the ITU-T G.9807.1 standard, supporting a fiber access rate of up to 9.953Gbps, shared via two 10GE ports and two GE ports. In addition, the NP19X44XGS also supports the OMCI (ONT Management and Control Interface) specification for easy remote configuration, activation and management from the OLT device.

Wi-Fi 7 Offers Nearly 20Gbps Bandwidth, Ultra-Low Latency, Excellent Efficiency

NP19X44XGS, equipped with Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 chips BCM6726 and BCM67263, are 4x4 IEEE 802.11be MAC/PHY/Radio System-on-Chips (SoCs) that support the latest IEEE 802.11be EHT (Extremely High Throughput) capabilities. Both chips accommodate the 2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz bands, with BCM67263 further supporting a bandwidth of up to 320 MHz in the 6GHz band. With 4096-QAM modulation technology and the 320MHz ultra-wide bandwidth, NP19X44XGS achieves a concurrent wireless speed of up to 18673Mbps.

Furthermore, leveraging CMU-MIMO technology, Multi-RU mechanisms, and beamforming, NP19X44XGS minimizes interference between signals in environments with multiple traffic and devices, enhancing the stability of wireless connections and significantly improving data transfer rates while ensuring lower latency.

SDMC's One Home Solution Empowers Operators to Accelerate Smart Home Ecosystem Construction

NP19X44XGS supports the OpenWrt system to meet operators' needs. In the near future, it will integrate mainstream management platforms such as Plume and DZS, making the terminal smarter and offering operators more choices. NP19X44XGS is designed to provide telecom operators with a high-performance, highly integrated Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON solution, providing powerful wireless network support for cutting-edge technologies such as AR/VR, 8K streaming, and cloud computing to better meet operators' needs for network equipment and modern broadband networks.

NP19X44XGS is not only a powerful network control center, but also a future-ready smart home management hub. Based on SDMC's One Home Solution, NP19X44XGS provides smart home services for various scenarios to operators through cloud-based AI real-time learning ability, the intelligent judgment ability of the edge gateway, and the active intelligent adaptation ability.

SDMC is on a mission to build a smart home ecosystem by helping global operators deliver smart home media entertainment services in the most effortless way. If you intend to upgrade your Wi-Fi network, enhance the reach of services in subscribers' homes, and deliver a consistent wireless experience, feel free to contact our team at info@sdmctech.com and we'd be delighted to discuss your home networking and smart home business strategy.

SDMC is committed to providing the leading solutions of Digital Video, Smart Connection, and Cloud Services for Operators.

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