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DV7810-T2: A 4K Hybrid DVB-T2 Set Top Box That Can Support Verimatrix and HbbTV

2015-06-12    1618 Reads
DV7810-T2 is a new set-top box from SDMC, and it is OTT + DVB-T2 set-top box, which is fully compliant with UHD DVB-T2/DVB-T standard, and 7 Days electronic program guide, support USB recording, time shift, playback, booking broadcast etc.
This 4K Hybrid DVB-T2 set top box supports Novel SuperTV CA and comes with DRM, Verimatrix. Furthermore, this OTT + DVB-T2 set-top box also supports HbbTV middleware.
The middleware is very important for set-top box. Because the set-top box middleware is core software between the set-top box real-time operating system and user application. It can separate real-time operating system from hardware program so as to run software under different hardware platforms and operating systems. HbbTV middleware makes the application free from hardware platform and real-time operating system, so that application development is easier and establishes an ideal development and application platform for interactive service providers and set-top box manufacturers.
Besides, this 4K Hybrid DVB-T2 set top box can be integrated with Verimatrix and support 4K HD video playback and h.265 decoding. Apart from ensuring the video resources smooth decoding and giving users the best viewing experience, they also can ensure and enhance the overall safety of operators’ video content.
This 4K UHD OTT + DVB-T2 set-top box with Verimatrix is fully compliant with the most stringent copyright management standards, which will meet the demand of industrial ecological chain. It is perfect choice for the service operators, who want to grab the OTT market opportunities and protect intellectual property from being stolen by the content providers.
In a nutshell, DV7810-T2 supports for Verimatrix and HbbTV makes it different because HbbTV offers an awesome additional feature which is supported by more and more countries and operators, and Verimatrix is indeed most pay-TV operators’ choice.
DV7810-T2 Specs:
* ARM Quad Cortex-A9r4 up to 2.0GHz (DVFS)
* Support 4K UHD resolution output
* Free update via USB disk, SD card or Internet
* DRM: Verimatrix, Playready, Widevine
* CAS: Novel-Super TV, Conax
* Middleware: HbbTV
* Multi-screen interactive: DLNA, Airplay, Miracast
* Support smart phone control
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