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Leading DVB T2 set top box technology from SDMC DV7904 T2

2015-05-22    1414 Reads
DV7904-T2 is DVB-T2 STB (set top box) from SDMC technology. With built-in DVB-T2 receiver module, so it can be used in the DVB-T2 digital TV standard area. In addition to this, it is a quad core OTT + DVB set-top box, using the Android 5.1 lollipop OS, h.265 decoding, supports up to 1080P@ 60fps, and 3D, Blu ray video playback, 1080p standard full HD output.
SDMC DV7904-T2 is fully compliant with HD DVB-T2/DVB-T standard with 7 days of program guide support, USB recording, shift, playback, booking broadcast etc. The set-top box also supports Conax, hbbtv Beenius function, with DRM encryption (support verimatrix, Playready, Widevine). It can also realize remote management through the TR069 protocol.
The set-top box is SDMC featured OTT + DVB set-top box, and China Xida DV7204-T2 set top box (STB) the main price is different, the set-top box hardware configuration is very high:
Processor: ARM cortex-a5 with 1.5GHz (DVFS) frequency;
GPU: Quad Core arm mali-450 GPU; Frequency: 600MHz+ (dvfs);
Memory: 512M DDR3 (optional 1G/ 2G);
Flash store: 4G MLC (optional 8G, 16G, 32G).
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