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SDMC DV7904 T2 Supports TR069 protocol (Remote Management)

2015-05-15    1508 Reads

SDMC DV7904-T2 is a quad-core android smart HD digital TV set-top box, uses the android 4.4 operating system, support for h.265 decoding as high as 1080p@60FPS; Support 3D, blu-ray video playback, full 1080p hd output. Not only support Conax, novel-super CA on CAS, but also has the middleware function (support Beenius, HbbTV). Besides, specifically for operators, SDMC DV7904-T2 quad-core android smart HD digital TV set-top box support TR069 protocol (remote management) as well.
TR069 protocol (remote management) is one of the technical specifications developed by the DSL Forum, and its full name is "CPE network management protocol”. It provides general framework and protocol for the next generation family network equipment configuration, used in the family network, routers, set-top boxes and other equipment for remote centralized management.
Below are the main functions of TR069 protocol for user equipment, which can satisfy the IPTV business box management demand.
1, the user equipment automatic configuration and dynamic configuration.
2, management of user equipment software and firmware.
3, the user equipment status and performance monitoring.
4, communication failure diagnosis.
Compared with the SNMP protocol, TR069 protocol applies the SSL/TLS, HTTP basic or HTTP digest encryption authentication to guarantee the security of data; With more mature Web technology, reduce the difficulty of the development, and with HTTP protocol, it can effectively through the complex network environment. Therefore, TR069 protocol is suitable for devices management.
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