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SDMC OTT + DVB-T2 set-top box comes with Beenius, HbbTV

2015-05-13    1345 Reads
In the second half of 2014, SDMC launched new OTT + DVB-T2 STB, DV7904-T2. Its basic parameters are similar with DV7905, the significant difference is that DV7905 is OTT STB, while DV7904-T2 is OTT + DVB-T2 STB, which can fully support hd DVB-T2 / DVB-T standard, 7 days electronic program guide, USB recording, time shift, show playback and so on.
DV7905 supports Conax, CA technologies as well as have DRM encryption technology - support Verimatrix, Playready, Widevine (optional). Furthermore, there is another very important function: support Beenius, HbbTV function (middleware).
Middleware functions for set-top box is a very important in terms of technical level. STB middleware is a set-top box core between real-time operating system and user application software. It isolates the technical details of the applications, the underlying real-time operating system and hardware implementation, which supports across different hardware platforms and operating systems software running. it make the application independent on the particular hardware platform and real-time operating system, so as to make the application development easier and makes set top box more open and portable to build an ideal application development platform for STB manufacturers and interactive service provider.

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