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Google is pushing for the adoption of the AAB (Android App Bundle) installation package

2023-02-10    508 Reads

Google is pushing for the adoption of the AAB (Android App Bundle) installation package, which can save up to 60% of storage compared to the traditional APK package.

The AAB format, which has already been in use for mobile applications for a while, is set to be fully supported on Android TV starting from May of next year.

With the increasing number of applications available for Android TV, Google recognizes the need to optimize storage capacity, as many TV models come equipped with limited memory and flash storage. To accommodate this, Google will require all applications on Google TV and Android TV to be in the AAB format, starting the transition in May of next year.

Google has previously highlighted the numerous advantages of using the AAB (Android App Bundle) format over the traditional APK format. The AAB format offers greater flexibility and storage efficiency by automatically adapting to the configuration file required by the device model.

It's widely acknowledged that the AAB format takes up less storage space, with an average reduction of 20% compared to APK. This results in a 60% decrease in storage usage and also speeds up download times.

The process of converting from APK to AAB format is straightforward and can be completed in just three days, according to Google. This makes the transition to the new format both efficient and convenient for developers.


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