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Global OTT TV & Video revenues reach $83 billion in 2019 

2020-10-29    581 Reads
Even before the current surge in online viewing, the sector was gaining traction and a study from Digital TV Research has found that global online TV episode and movie revenues reached $83 billion in 2019, climbing from $67 billion in 2018 and up by $50 billion on 2017.

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ountries covered in the OTT TV and Video Databook, of the $16 billion additional OTT revenues in 2019, the subscription video-on-demand segment contributed $12 billion. SVOD’s share of OTT revenues reached 58% in 2019, up from 41% in 2015 and the sector’s revenues were $48 billion in 2019.

The leading five countries in the report commanded 72% of the global revenues by 2019. Over-the-top revenues exceeded $1 billion in 13 countries in 2019.

The OTT TV and Video Databook also found that the US added $8 billion in revenues in 2019, half of the global additions, with China up by $1 billion.

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