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Google announced new features of Google Assistant at CES 2020

2020-01-10    1255 Reads
At CES 2020, Google announced new features of Google Assistant this year looking quite impressive. it's no longer just a voice assistant that tells you what the weather is like.
And, in 2020, it will do way more than turn your lights on and off. To make it simple for you, we've broken it all down into an easy list so you can check for updates in the next few months.

Quicker, easier smart home setup

When setting up a new smart device through the gadget's companion app, you usually need to enter your Google credentials to connect it to your home setup. A new update will remove that step, instead showing a notification or "suggestion button" which will easily complete the setup without the need to reenter your login details.

Setting up scheduled actions

You’ll soon be able to make one-off requests for things you want to happen later in the day However, just say "Hey Google, run the coffee machine at 6 am" the previous night. With Scheduled Actions you will be able to set up run time of a compatible device at a time of your choosing.

More smart home devices

If you thought there weren't enough Google Assistant-enabled devices already, many more brands are getting on board, including August Smart Locks, Philips Hue, GE and much more. You'll also be able to control 20 more new devices through the Google Home app, including air conditioners, air purifiers, coffee makers and much more.

Sticky notes

If you find that you're leaving Post-it notes for your family members around the house for them to find, Google Assistant will take over that chore for you. Sometime in 2020, Assistant will be able to create a sticky note on any compatible smart display that will be visible to anyone in the house without needing to sign into a Google account. They can even be created without the need for a Google account.

Speed dial

Later this year, you'll be able to add important contacts to a "speed dial" list so that anyone in the home can make calls quickly and easily using compatible smart displays or speakers. All they need to say is "Hey Google, call [name]" and off they go.

Webpage reading

While Assistant can be set up to read your texts out to you, reading long-form content is a skill it is still to acquire. However, that's about to change in 2020, with Google announcing that Android users will be able to say "Hey Google, read this page" to get Assistant to read out a full webpage. In fact, Google promises that Assistant will even be intelligent enough to recognize that page elements like social sharing buttons are to be left out.

Deleting Assistant history

Google wants you to know that your privacy is important. This year, a simple command like "Hey Google, delete everything I said to you this week" will clear user history. Any accidental triggers – like when Assistant wakes up because of something said on the TV – can now be deleted as well by saying "Hey Google, that wasn't for you".

More businesses using Interpreter Mode

Announced at CES last year, interpreter mode allows an Assistant-powered smart display to translate a conversation between two people, each speaking a different language. Google says more businesses have committed to using it this year, including American Airlines, HSBC banks and a handful of hotels around Vegas, San Francisco, LA, Japan and Qatar.

Android TV support

More and More devices support Google assistant nowdays, Like Android TV Box, Just press the mic button on the remote to get what you want, such as playing the content, controlling home devices ,etc.
Operators can easily add new services to expand their business. For example, home security, IoT, etc
DV8919 Amlogic S905X4 Android TV 10 OTT Box 4K UHD

Google isn’t getting too specific about when this stuff is rolling out, saying only that it’ll come “later this year. Hope it wouldn't let us waiting too long time.
Thank you for your attention.

Source: techradar.com  techcrunch.com


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