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IPTV reaches 6.7 million subscribers in South East Asia

2018-01-03    1543 Reads

As any other Asian regions, South East Asian markets consist mainly of cable and satellite connections.

However, Dataxis noticed the increasing share of IPTV subscribers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. With a 6% increase between July and September, the IPTV segment now represents 6.7 million subscribers.

Despite its leading position, Vietnam is not the most dynamic market among South East Asian countries: its IPTV operators are meeting increasing difficulties to challenge traditional cable and satellite operators, particularly for content acquisition reasons. Most of the growth on the IPTV market is coming from Indonesia where the market leader Telkom Indonesia offers IPTV services as bundle to its fibre and voice offers. The company experienced an 8% QoQ growth to 1,8 million subscribers, remaining the biggest IPTV provider among South East Asian countries.


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