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OTT 3.0 era, OTT set-top box manufacturers how to layout

2016-09-02    1295 Reads

The development of industrial technology, hardware and configuration has become the top fashion. Whether it is a mobile phone or tablet computer or OTT set-top box, hardware configuration is the development of similar. OTT set-top box from 1 times to 2 times to 3 times, OTT set-top box manufacturers are not just fight CPU, flash memory, a series of parameters that consumers do not understand. In the continuous innovation of the Internet era, OTT set-top box manufacturers fight should be content, the platform, the open ecological model.
The development of OTT set-top box, is developing with the development of the Internet, the traditional set-top box long before, only as a television signal converter, OTT set-top box is now moved the Internet resources to your television, local networks are no longer restricted before, this is greatly increased the user's convenience.OTT set-top box is undergoing tremendous changes from 1 times to 3 times, can be said to change the content from hardware to software, OTT set-top box manufacturers of all age understand is very informative:
  • OTT 1.0 era: the terminal as the core, terminal manufacturers have to seize the entrance, use OTT terminal occupies the right to use a large scree. As long as the user to purchase the terminal, on the living room and connected to a TV, is complete control over home entertainment.
  • OTT 2.0 era: OTT2.0 is the fooled era of user, the hardware manufacturers through a variety of dazzling hardware terms to flicker users.
  • OTT 3.0 era: the content and service as the core, the hardware dividend period ended, the set-top box prices leveled off, competition from the hardware gradually transferred to the content and services, "content is king" era truly arrived, and the service will also become the best seasoning of content.

SDMC set-top box

The focus of the OTT3.0 era is the content and services, OTT set-top box manufacturers have also moved to this area. SDMC technology as OTT set-top box manufacturers, has experienced OTT1.0 times to 3 times, it is the industry veteran. SDMC has been leading up to each Age. It early in the layout of home entertainment content, into the 3 era. SDMC called the value-added service, and actively build "hardware platform" business model, the introduction of overseas original video, avant-garde video games, heuristic education of children video and so on. From the point of view, Comprehensive building content system. In the education of children, the sdmc introduce original BBC English animation, support bilingual, parents can participate in the entire process, to control management, have careful training and guidance from parents to children.

The OTT 3.0 era, the Internet contributed to a large number of high-quality Internet resources by computer, mobile phone to the TV, let TV to become the home entertainment center. OTT set-top box manufacturers are also scrambling to cooperate with content providers, Letv relying on their networks, Tmall magic box relying on Wasu Resources. SDMC in addition to its own value-added service, cooperation with mango TV has basically finalized. OTT set-top boxes as Internet entrance, has collaboration with content providers of a massive Internet resources, more and more high-quality Internet resources presented to consumers, this is the mission of OTT set-top boxes, but also the OTT set-top box manufacturers responsibilities.

Next, OTT set-top boxes will move toward 4.0 times, 5.0 times development. OTT set-top box manufacturers who will follow the development of the Internet to give a satisfactory answer. We believe that tomorrow will be more beautiful.

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