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Matter: A Game Changer in Smart Home Solution for Global Operators

2023-07-17    562 Reads
The era of Smart Home has arrived, but the fragmentation of technologies and protocols often makes navigating this landscape challenging. A resolution to this issue is now underway with the development of Matter, a new, open-source, royalty-free connectivity standard. This protocol, positioned as a game-changer, is not only transforming the landscape for developers and consumers but also opening a wealth of opportunities for global operators.

What is matter protocol

What is Matter

Matter is a game-changing open-source connectivity standard designed specifically for smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Its primary mission is to enhance compatibility and security within these interconnected ecosystems.

Originating in December 2019 as the Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) working group, Matter was brought to life through the collaboration of industry giants Google, Amazon, Apple, and the Zigbee Alliance, now known as the Connectivity Standards Alliance. This collective effort aimed to establish a unified and standardized approach to smart device connectivity.

One of the key aspects of Matter is its royalty-free nature, meaning that developers and manufacturers can adopt and implement the standard without incurring any licensing fees. However, there are certification costs associated with ensuring compliance with the standard's specifications. This commitment to accessibility fosters broad adoption and encourages innovation within the smart home and IoT space.

The evolution of Matter

The Matter smart home protocol, launched by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) on November 3, 2022, marked a pivotal evolution in smart device interoperability. The release of the Matter specification version 1.0 and an open-source SDK under the Apache License fortified its foundation, enabling developers to build robust, Matter-compliant applications. Software updates compatible with Matter also became available in 2022, spurring the standard's adoption.

The subsequent release of Matter 1.1 on May 18, 2023, underscored the collaborative efforts of hundreds of companies, offering improved paths for creating user experiences and optimized support for battery-operated devices. As we progress through 2023, the surge of Matter-enabled devices and software updates is expected to continue transforming connected homes and IoT ecosystems.

Matter basics: how it works

Matter's primary goal is enhancing compatibility and operation across smart home devices to improve user experience. Here's how it works:

"Matter is a standard for the application layer. It uses the Internet Protocol (IPv6) on the Network layer and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) & Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) on the Transport Layer. Matter 1.0 runs on top of Thread (IEEE 802.15.4), Wi-Fi / WLAN (IEEE 802.11), and Ethernet / LAN (IEEE 802.3)."

matter protocol architecture

Matter devices, such as those on Wi-Fi or Ethernet, can connect directly to wireless routers. For other protocols like Zigbee or Bluetooth, a Matter Bridge or Gateway facilitates interaction within the Matter network.

Matter doesn't introduce new wireless technology but utilizes existing ones like Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, Thread, and Ethernet. With a common application layer, it allows varied devices to understand and interact with each other, unifying the smart home ecosystem for an enhanced user experience.

The scope of application of the Matter protocol

Matter's wide-ranging application makes it an all-encompassing solution for smart homes. It's designed to work seamlessly with an array of systems and devices, from lighting and electrical equipment to HVAC controls, access controls, safety, and security systems.

What makes Matter even more attractive is its open-source nature, which fosters broad-scale interoperability and integration across numerous platforms and technologies. This inclusive and adaptable approach signifies Matter's potential for substantial global influence and application.

The benefits Matter can bring to global operators

Matter's emergence is set to revolutionize the smart home landscape, bringing a slew of benefits to global operators:

  • Simplified Development and Reduced Time-to-Market: By providing a universal standard, Matter simplifies development, reduces time-to-market, and mitigates the complexities of working with diverse protocols.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Thanks to its improved compatibility and interoperability, Matter can increase customer satisfaction by offering consumers a broader choice of devices that can seamlessly interact with each other.

  • Boosted Security: Matter's robust encryption technologies ensures end-to-end security, safeguarding user communications from being intercepted or tampered with, thereby enhancing customer trust in smart home products and services.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: By reducing the need for multiple different protocols or systems, Matter can help manufacturers and operators cut costs, making it a more cost-effective solution.

  • Creation of a Diverse Ecosystem: The introduction of Matter also heralds the creation of a robust and diverse ecosystem of smart devices. By promoting interoperability, Matter is fostering an environment ripe for innovation, enabling the creation of unique, interconnected smart home solutions.

matter protocol smart home

The Progress of the Matter Industry

The industry outlook on Matter is optimistic. To ensure quality and compatibility, a strict certification process is in place. Any hardware developed by manufacturers needs to undergo rigorous testing by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) to obtain the Matter certification. This ensures that a wide variety of devices, ranging from control panels, door locks, lights, switches, sensors, thermostats, fans, climate controllers, blinds, and media devices, are compatible with Matter. As of today, a growing number of manufacturers have successfully acquired Matter certification and are gradually penetrating the market.

SDMC's One Home Solution

SDMC One Home Solution

SDMC's One Home Solution is an all-in-one smart home platform specifically designed for operators. Incorporating a wide range of IoT devices including sensors, lighting, cameras, gateways, and door locks, this solution ensures seamless compatibility across multiple protocols from Wi-Fi, Zigbee to all those Matter-compatible ones, like BLE, thread, etc. All devices are interconnected through the SDMC XHome APP and management platform, providing a unified approach to device operation and management, reducing customers’ after-sales costs.

At the heart of the One Home Solution is its Matter-ready smart home solution. This feature simplifies the handling of all IoT devices, enabling operators to efficiently establish a smart home business and potentially increase operators' Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).


In summary, Matter presents a significant leap forward in smart home solutions, particularly for global operators. With its comprehensive benefits, it promises a future where smart devices are universally compatible, secure, and easily accessible. As a company at the forefront of technology, SDMC remains committed to harnessing the power of advancements like Matter, continually striving to provide the best solutions for global operators.

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