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Differences between Android TV and Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

2018-01-15    15620 Reads
Whats the Android TV?

Android TV is a special version of the core Android OS,  designed for TV’s and stand-alone digital media players, like set-top boxes and related streaming devices. Actively supported by Google that gives all devices some of the same features: cast support, the normal launcher, and voice search. With the Google Play Store, users can find apps and games that are completely optimized for a TV.
Whats the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)?

Android Open Source Project supports devices from a variety of manufacturers like SDMC Tech that run Android with perhaps some OEM modifications. Apps and games will likely not be optimized for a TV.
Android TV vs Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

The difference between Android TV and AOSP lies in the operating system itself.

                                                    (Android TV vs AOSP)
 Android TV has a special users interface and services that are designed specifically for a TV. Operators can customize their own launchers.

Android TV allows access to an increasing number of third-party apps and services through the Google Play Store.

By using AOSP, you keep total control of the user experience and can close off your environment to the apps of competing third-party services.

Google has done most of the work. Development time is minimal, as DRM support, search, recommendation and more all work ’out of the box ’, greatly speeding up your time-to-market.

Even though traditionally, Android TV has had higher hardware requirements than AOSP, those requirements have lowered over time. Additionally, Android TV requires less development resources. 

To run Android TV, you need to run regular and timely upgrades. 

Recommendations, Search and Assistant work ‘out of the box’ within Android TV.

The Android TV feature-set is difficult and expensive to emulate on AOSP. On Android TV, most features ‘just work’ and are constantly enhanced.

 The Operator Tier Certification allows customizing Android TV launchers,

          OS                PROS for Operators                    CONS for Operators
  • 1, Netflix and other OTT services with a Google Play app out of the box;
  • 2, Reference UI and TV Launcher;
  • 3, Rapid innovations of features and functionality;
  • 4, Unrestricted access to the Android app ecosystem, which allows you to offer end-users access to third-party services while keeping them in your environment.  
  • 1, Unrestricted access to the Android app ecosystem, which allows third parties to pop up in your EPG or global search;
  • 2, Google certification required, whose requirements can be expected to change over time;
  • 3, Compliance with CDD requires regular upgrades to new versions;
  • 4, Higher hardware requirements, even though these have started to come down;
  • 5, Control of innovation cycle largely in Google’s hands.

  Android Open Source Platform
  • 1, No requirement to meet Google’s licensing requirements;
  • 2, Control over every single element of the user experience;
  • 3, The possibility to keep a ‘walled garden’ environment, that disallows the installation of additional apps;
  • 4, Regular updates of the core codebase by Google.
  • 1, No access to the Google Play app store and its ecosystem of thousands of apps;
  • 2, No Netflix and other third-party OTT services without certification;
  • 3, No Widevine DRM without additional implementation efforts;
  • 4, Android updates often require a great amount of additional time and resources to implement.

Android TV VS AOSP, which one should you choose?
As we know, Android TV is specifically designed for TV’s and stand-alone digital media players, It takes a minimum of development time for OEM’s to add advanced interactive TV capabilities to their devices. off-the-shelf features and apps to let operators go to market quickly with a future-proof platform.

The most complicated thing for customers is that Android TV project needs certification for each project, but SDMC had got Android TV license and we have the ability to submit a certification to Google. You needn't worried about that.

If you want to get a high-quality user experience on your STB quickly and inexpensively, without having to develop everything yourself, we suggest you start with Android TV!

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