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What’s the Dual Band WiFi ?

2017-09-13    2221 Reads

In addition to pay attention to the resolution of video, the high-definition network set-top box also especially emphasis on the stability of the network environment. For this demand, set-top box manufacturers launch products to support the dual-band WIFI, then what is dual-band WIFI? What are the benefits?

High-definition network set-top boxes, which not only focus on video resolution, but also particularly emphasis on the stability of the network environment. Even if a box has a wealth of video resources, the screen will be pause from time to time without stable and fast network transmission speed. It wouldn’t bring a good watching experience. In response to this request, set-top box manufacturers to launch a dual-band WIFI products.

What is the dual frequency WIFI?

 The so-called dual-band WIFI is to support two different bands of wireless signals, the two network segments were 2.4G and 5G, support 802.11a / b / g / n technology, is the fifth generation of WIFI transmission technology.
At present, most wireless products are used single-frequency 2.4G WIFI wireless transmission, such as wireless mouse, keyboard, USB wireless card, ordinary wireless router. Slightly higher-end smart devices to support dual-band WIFI technology.
 Low interference 5GHz wireless network, with built-in QoS features and security encryption mechanism allows you to easily access high-speed Internet, messaging, Watching HD video, online games, share music and photos.

Dual frequency WIFI pros and cons

1, 2.4G band wireless signal advantage and disadvantage
2.4G has a good ability to pass through walls, the disadvantage is easy to be disturbed.
2, 5G band wireless signal advantage and disadvantage
5G has the advantage of strong anti-interference ability, wide bandwidth, high throughput, strong expansion, the shortcomings of 5G is only suitable for small indoor coverage and outdoor bridge, The effects of various obstacles on their attenuation are much greater than 2.4G. 

5G WIFI enhances the four times speed than the existing wireless bandwidth which can be increased to 40MHz or even 80MHz or higher, the maximum transmission speed up to 1Gbps, can transfer about 125MB of content per second, download the film in few minutes.
What’re the benefits of Dual-band WIFI set-top boxes?
1, More stable WIFI wireless signal, high-speed transmission speed, to meet future needs of high-definition and large data wireless transmission.
2, Make the long-range use of box possible. For example, we put a wireless router in the living room, and need to use the box in the bedroom, the set-top box with dual-band WIFI function will protect you to ensure the stability of video playback and operational fluency.


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