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OTT STB and improved DVB-C STB, who can occupy TV market in the future?

2015-05-05    1451 Reads

  1. DVB-T is the European terrestrial digital TV standard, Chinese terrestrial television using DTMB standard, cable TV with DVB-C standard.
2) This kind of DVB-C + OTT set top box, in the field of cable TV, several set top box manufacturers are promoting. Its main advantage is directly inherited the existing cable subscribers, compatible with the current cable business, also can use wired two-way network. These advantages are mainly standing in the point of view of cable operators. From a user perspective, this kind of fusion of type box, can use the original DVB-C system, see some local Taiwan live TV. Because OTT TV program supplier is operating, no local level resources. Another advantage is that the bandwidth of the DVB-C is very abundant; provide some hd broadcast channel accessibility. Pure OTT STB, often limited to the home broadband, in terms of resolution can't achieve real hd (1080 p).
From the above analysis, DVB + OTT have more certain advantages than pure OTT STB in theory, but in practice, there are a few questions:
A. DVB + OTT set-top boxes content are customized with promotion, the user had no choice, the final quality and experience it is hard to compare with OTT box;
B. the DVB + OTT STB cost higher than the pure OTT STB (DVB modem + CA card), this charge is a problem;
C. cooperation with local cable is a good prospect, each bosom cable companies throughout all the provinces of the problem is the selfishness, cooperation mode is difficult to achieve unity, and different custom requirements will further push up the cost.
3) in summary, DVB will eventually be replaced by OTT ( had to be very painful to admit it: DVB soon will shrink to a small size market), OTT problem is temporary, with the development of optical fiber household will be solved. At this stage for the user to select a given unicom or telecom IPTV + OTT STB may be more reasonable, in the long run I believe OTT stb will unify the whole country. User said I look at the contents I like, content producers say I take what I like, this is the spirit and power of the Internet.

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