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Now what is smart TV and streaming media set top box chip solutions? How about the comparison?

2015-05-05    1393 Reads
TV chip mainly is given priority to MSTAR, MTK, basically occupies more than 70% of the mainland market, specific can consult the results of MTK, especially MSTAR turnkey solutions estimated that nobody can be their competitor, but the drawback is also evident, TV manufacturers have high dependence on them, because so many of the underlying source code is not open, leading that when domestic TV manufacturers have problems, they can only rely on chip vendor solutions. In addition to the two companies, TV chip and qualcomm, nivida, Taiwan's Yacnchi, core micro, sea, etc. The vendor integration is not as high as mstar and MTK, but some are more cost-effective, some have better openness.
Regard to Internet tv set top box chips, it is said that amlogic has more than 70% of the market. The biggest reason is the fast reaction and product has good stability, xiaomi, letv boxes use amlogic chip. Actually in terms of traditional chips, foreign set top box manufacturers SDMC, broadcom, Yang think Taiwan android tv manufacturers; domestic tv boxes manufacturer haisi has more advantages.

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