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Is there sound quality difference Android set top boxes and hd player?

2015-04-30    1299 Reads
 Generally speaking, the image quality and sound quality difference is not very big, in another word, on the mainstream household play equipments, it is not easy to perceive the difference.
The online sources are re-encapsulated, but it is much less volume, they generally eliminated other languages and trivia, so the sound quality is not very different. 10G content is another matter.
But now the hd Dual Core android tv box basically canceled hard disk interface, and using usb 2.0 and 150m wifi as a primary input interface, so the decoding ability is limited, then there is limited by the cost (component materials and design) as well as the system (android soft solutions), high rate of sources would be very difficult to deal with, and it will affect playback, such as high dynamic scene.
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