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If box has any relationship with smart TV, with smart tv, still need box?

2015-04-30    1391 Reads

Before Answer this question, i should explain "TV". first, many people said television is monitor, in fact this is not correct, TV, TV receiver, the full name is the terminal equipment of broadcasting and television system.
Traditional television reception from the content in the antenna presented to the user...
As the content change - encrypt content, the traditional TV can't meet a new way - digital TV set-top box was born...
Television production mode follows change, digital TV set top box function all-in-one birth (of course, the ordinary digital television and high-definition digital TV won't follow this process)
Furthermore - web content is rich, digital tv cannot satisfy the new way - intelligent digital television machine box was born
Television production way follows change - smart TV born
Now the question is, before the content provider only radio and television satellite TV no matter (illegal), so, the digital television all-in-one and set-top boxes relationship is clear; Now the content provider in addition to the radio, film and television, legitimate network video provided by the party have multiple, and countless unlicensed video providers, followed by: smart TV, which is the pre-installed content? do I like The contents? I don't like the content. Can i change the TV to the content of the party I like? so I had to buy the content provider's box.
Smart TV and box selection, in addition to the content, the users consider device makers, brand, and quality. How the quality of sound quality? Will it be convenient for operation?
Anyhow, now this time, the industry is turbulent, a lot of smart TV, android dvb set top box, a lot of content companies, radio and television, and the user, you should take that into consideration...

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