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How can i watch tv using an Android Box / Dongle?

2015-04-23    1312 Reads
Android Dongle:
Step 1
Turn on your TV. Locate the USB panel on one of the screen's sides.

Step 2                     
Insert the dongle into an open USB port.

Step 3
Press the "Menu" key on your television's remote. Select "Settings" or "Setup" from the menu using the remote's directional arrows and then the "OK" or "Enter" button.

Step 4
Choose the "Wireless Network Setup" option from the menu. Highlight and select the "Internet Protocol Setup" option.

Step 5
Highlight and select the "Auto Setup" option from the menu. Follow any instructions that appear on your screen. Your Android dongle will now be set up for use with your television.

If Android Box, the steps are similar to Android Dongle, only what you need to do just change the step 2. You need to connect your tv with a HDMI line.

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