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SDMC Provides Matter-based Smart Home IoT Solution built on Google Cloud for Indonesian ADVAN

2023-09-15    364 Reads
RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, 15 September 2023 - SDMC (IBC 2023, Stand 1.F58) has proudly announced the development of their ‘Matter’ Smart Home IoT Solution built on Google Cloud for Advan, one of the top electronics companies in Indonesia.

SDMC's ‘Matter’ Smart Home IoT Solution built on Google Cloud for Advan

Integrate AI capabilities for smart home scenarios development

Based on home scenarios, SDMC uses Google Cloud Vertex AI's platform and its  high-quality training data to develop HomeBrain, a comprehensive large language model (LLM) for smart homes. SDMC leverages Google's text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text technology (STT) to create an AI voice assistant tool that can run on multiple devices and platforms. Additionally, SDMC upgrades XHome, the smart home IoT management platform, to support natural language interaction (NLI) and creates the voice-controlled XHome AI platform using the latest AI technology. This features XHome with voice control, emotional companionship, active learning, and service capabilities while enhancing user experience.

SDMC's ‘Matter’ Smart Home IoT Solution built on Google Cloud for Advan

The XHome data service utilizes Google Cloud's data analysis solution, BigQuery, to efficiently process large-scale data and enable real-time BI capabilities. Therefore, users gain precise decision-making abilities while enhancing efficiency and streamlining operation and maintenance management. By leveraging Google Cloud's secure AI and data analysis tools, as well as its global network with fast response times and low latency, along with SDMC's global technical support teams, SDMC can quickly deploy projects for customers and ensure timely delivery.

Unlock more opportunities for smart home ecosystem

In recent years, the large language model (LLM) has made significant progress in AI and is widely used in various domains. The introduction of the 'Matter' Smart Home Standard by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) will accelerate the integration of these technologies, driving smart homes towards new AI-driven application scenarios. The on-going collaboration between SDMC and Google Cloud will unlock more opportunities for technological innovation and smart home services in retail channels and operator markets.


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