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SDMC to showcase Android TV set-top box delivered for VECTRA, integrated with the BlueOnline.tv system at IBC2023

2023-09-14    1158 Reads
SDMC to showcase Android TV set-top box delivered for VECTRA, integrated with the BlueOnline.tv system at IBC2023

RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 14., 2023 -
SDMC, alongside their client VECTRA, Poland's largest cable telecommunications operator, and PROEXE, the creator of the innovative OTT platform BlueOnline.tv, proudly announced that they will showcase their suc
cessful collaboration at IBC. This endeavor involves a partnership among three companies:

1. SDMC - The Android TV and Netflix certified set-top box solution provider.

2. PROEXE - The creator of the multimedia platform dedicated to telecommunications operators, known as BlueOnline.tv.

3. VECTRA - The customer who acquired equipment from SDMC and the BlueOnline.tv solution, and is currently implementing it for widespread consumer use in the Polish market.

At booth(Hall 1, F58), you will have the opportunity to witness the entire solution in action:

- You can observe the delivered hardware, branded under the well-known name "TV Smart", which is recognizable in the market.
- You can activate the system and witness the implementation of the Custom Launcher created by PROEXE as part of their BlueOnline.tv platform.

From the user perspective, the solution offers the following advanced features:

An intuitive and modern user interface (Custom Launcher)
Automatic handling of multiple signal sources, both within and outside the Operator's network:

      - DVB-C
      - DVB-T/T2
Multicast (IPTV)
Unicast (OTT)

Network-based recording (NPVR) and local recording (PVR/USBPVR)
Catchup TV and Restart TV services
Access to the Google Play Store for applications
Integration with Google Assistant
Multi-screen solution which extends functionality beyond Android TV box to mobile, Samsung TV and more. 

For Operators:

Multi-operator functionality, allowing the configuration of services for multiple entities offering independent service packages within a single system.
Configurable Launcher interface for flexible promotion of selected content
Widevine/Widevine CAS encryption
Integration with the e-Sales system
One application for all hardware platforms (optimal for development and maintenance)

The project encountered various challenges and required close collaboration between parties, particularly during demanding certification processes such as:

Google certification
Netflix certification
HBO Max certification

Krzysztof Sokolik, CMO of VECTRA said, “The way our customers use video products is constantly changing - we have been observing it for many years. The launch of the service based on the Android TV set-top box opened up several new opportunities for us, which, thanks to our partners' knowledge and experience, we could use effectively. Thanks to cooperation with SDMC and PROEXE, we can quickly adapt to users' changing expectations and offer them advanced and friendly solutions. Both companies have proven experience integrating with companies like Netflix or Google, which is an excellent value for an operator like VECTRA.In recent years, the scope of our cooperation with PROEXE in developing applications and video systems has been constantly increasing. And most importantly, the effects of this cooperation are well received by our subscribers.”


“We are extremely pleased with our collaboration with SDMC as our hardware vendor. Despite the geographical distance between our companies, we have been able to seamlessly execute very complex and innovative projects and effectively tackle all tasks together. This success can be attributed to the unwavering dedication exhibited by both teams in delivering a comprehensive solution.” - Maciej Bakalarz, CEO of PROEXE.PL / BlueOnline.tv.

"We are extremely proud to have been trusted by VECTRA for years and deliver advanced Android TV solutions," said Ryan Yan, Senior Vice President of SDMC. "Through our close collaboration with VECTRA and PROEXE, our joint solution enables VECTRA to quickly launch OTT streaming and locally relevant entertainment services on TV, mobile, and tablet platforms, ensuring an exceptional multimedia entertainment experience for VECTRA's subscribers. Furthermore, we will continue to offer more innovative solutions to enhance VECTRA's TV, Internet, and even smart home offerings."


The Vectra Group offers modern fiber optic internet services, digital television, VOD (Video on Demand), OTT (Over-the-Top) content, mobile and landline telephony, as well as professional services for businesses in Poland. The group continually develops its products, including the TV Smart service, which allows users to access a modern 4K video platform, both traditionally through a decoder and via a mobile app, television, or web browser. Currently, the services of the Vectra Group are used by over 1.7 million households, and 4.6 million of them are within the operator's network.

About PROEXE / BlueOnline.TV

PROEXE is a software company headquartered in Poland with a team of 130 professionals, specializing in the development of cutting-edge multimedia solutions. Among our flagship offerings is the innovative BlueOnline.tv video streaming platform, specifically designed to cater to the needs of broadcasters and telecommunications companies.

The term "magic" in BlueOnline.tv signifies its exceptional qualities: multi-tenancy, complete, auto-scalable, geo agnostic, interoperable, complete OTT Suite. Our platform is fully cloud-native certified and can be seamlessly deployed globally, ensuring efficient and reliable service delivery. For more in-depth information, we cordially invite you to explore our offerings at www.blueonline.tv.

In addition, PROEXE's expertise extends to a wide range of multimedia solutions aimed at managing, safeguarding, distributing, and presenting content. Our capabilities encompass proprietary DRM implementations, a dedicated CDN infrastructure, and Kotlin Multiplatform implementations of client-facing applications for various platforms, including mobile, TV, and Android TV boxes.

About SDMC

As the leading provider in the smart home ecosystem, SDMC has established end-to-end solution advantages in Android TV devices, 5G CPE/Femtocell/Wi-Fi/GPON/Cable Modem devices, OTT/IoT platform, and SaaS cloud services, helping operators worldwide deliver immersive video experience and rich entertainment services to their subscribers. Through close collaboration with ecosystem partners, we create lasting value for our customers, enrich home life and build a more intelligent future. 

Since 2003, SDMC has served over 300 customers and 100 million households around the world. For further information, please visit www.sdmctech.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

SDMC is committed to providing the leading solutions of Digital Video, Smart Connection, and Cloud Services for Operators.

Email: info@sdmctech.com
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