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SDMC Collaborates with Google for Quick Deployment of Hybrid Android TV Devices

2020-11-19    1775 Reads

Operators are searching for a more efficient and cost-effective way to develop hybrid solutions that blend their pay-TV services with OTT content
and apps, as
they are under the pressure to increase consumer choice, reduce cost and speed up time to market.
To address these challenges, SDMC is adopting Google's common Broadcast Stack, to help pay-TV operators to deploy solutions faster and at scale
across hybrid
Android TV devices.

What is the Common Broadcast Stack?

The Android TV broadcast stack provided by Google is an essential component of hybrid boxes powered by Android TV, pre-integrating traditional
streams, and all major CAS, with OTT services. Without it, operators need to take a very long time to custom integrate CAS capabilities
into devices powered by
Android TV before offerings can be brought to market.

But now, the pre-integrated solution reduces fragmentation and complexity when building hybrid devices powered by Android TV, aiming to
accelerate deployment
of scale, reducing integration costs while ensuring seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to
users. It is also easier to maintain and provide a
future-proof platform for operators to launch new business models.

In addition to that, the common broadcast supports architecture and extensions for country-specific features, electronic program guides (EPG),
playback, and
recording, as well as IPTV and worldwide broadcast standards, including DVB-T/T2, DVB-C,
DVB-S2, and ISDB-T.

With such an extensive array of features, SDMC can quickly assist operators in merging traditional TV with OTT to deliver smart, modern TV
experiences to


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