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IBC’s Official Media Interviews: David Lee, CEO of SDMC Technology

2019-09-24    1738 Reads


Currently, the global digital TV is transforming into OTT Internet TV. In this circumstances, Android TV leads and builds the Internet TV ecosystem, not only incorporating high-quality video content including YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Disney+, and also bringing value-added services such as games, e-sports, shopping, and advertising, etc.

Based on Android TV, our self-developed XMediaTV OTT system supports Live Streaming, VOD service, Short Videos for operators to manage and deploy their own streaming contents, Said SDMCs CEO David Lee.

Before IBC2019, IBC’s Official Media interviewed David Lee, CEO of SDMC Technology. The following excerpts have been condensed and edited for clarity:

What do you think are the key developments in, or threats to, your market sector at the current time?

With 16-year experience in the industry of Digital TV and OTT/IPTV, we had witnessed the tremendous changes. In the traditional video service, it’s difficult for people to quickly find the programs they interested, and now, they can immediately get what they want just by using voice commands. But its changes go beyond this. In future, the tv box is to serve as a gateway for smart homes. We have a strong R&D team and understand the business needs of operators, both of which contribute to providing powerful end-to-end solutions for them to expanding their smart home IoT business.

What are the major technology drivers for your business going forward?

We are seeing an acceleration in the industry towards data collection and analysis at scale. Operators are constantly analyzing their performances, and increasing reliance on datasets. That is one of reasons why we keep working to develop XMediaTV.  

XMediaTV is a turnkey solution for operators that supports Android TV Operator Tier custom launcher. It features Terminal Management System, Statistical Analysis System, Billing System and Advertising System to helps operators to capture the data, and give the data some sense and value, helping improve operators' customer satisfaction while reducing the maintenance cost of user management. Besides, Multiple business modes including enterprise business, hotel IPTV business, Digital signage are provided to meet with the demands of telecom operators B2C market and B2B market. Also, we will upgrade our platform with continuing efforts to better support Smart Home and adapt operators’needs.

Has IBC come at a good time for the electronic media industry? Why is this? Why should delegates visit your stand at IBC?

IBC is an annual event in the broadcasting and communication industry.

The global industry gather together for five days, which provides a combination of three opportunities: firstly, we can share our latest technology and products with existing and potential customers; secondly, we can exchange experience with competitors, and discover the latest trends and technologies; lastly, IBC is a perfect platform to network and build relationships with suppliers or partners.

We are looking forward to showcasing XMediaTV’s new enhancements and demonstrating a series of innovative products including Android TV Boxes, Dongles, Smart Speaker etc, as well as Smart Home IOT ecosystem which is built around OTT system and terminal devices.

About SDMC

SDMC is a public High-Tech company which focuses on providing OTT/IPTV set-top boxes and solutions for pay TV, Telecom, and mobile operators, etc.

Having extensive experience of 16 years in the field of DVB with more than 100 engineers. we’ve completed a lot of new projects with Android TV and Netflix since 2017.



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