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SDMC launched a next generation of XMediaTV OTT TV integrated ecosystem solutions

2017-12-28    2203 Reads

Professional OTT end-to-end solutions provider- SDMC technology has launched a next generation of XMediaTV video business integrated ecosystem solutions for OTT TV
operators. The scheme can help operators quickly build their own OTT video business
operation ecosystem platform to realize the upgrade of their business model.
XMediaTV OTT TV integrated ecosystem solutions include three major parts: the basic OTT service operation platform, the OTT service operation and maintenance platform and the OTT value-added service platform. The above three aspects build a complete OTT service operation ecology for the operators and help them have strong ability to continuously profit.
 OTT TV Platform - XMediaTV

The OTT service operation platform not only supports pure OTT Internet TV service, but also supports the hybrid model of OTT+ DVB. As well supports "One Cloud Multi-Screen" business presentation of Android TV clients and various iOS and Android mobile terminal devices.It also launched a unique operational TV version of the application store system.
The characteristic of client-friendly recommendation and installation is popular with users, greatly 
simplifying the user-friendly operation of the new system, and providing a new operation mode for operators' value-added services.
According to the product director and vice president of XmediaTV, Kevin Zhang introduced: " The biggest feature of XMediaTV platform is open ecosystem integration, with powerful capabilities to quickly interface with content providers, 
applications and massive Internet content, helping
operators speed up online to generate profits. Another major feature is that operation & maintenance platform and value-added service platform provide a strong guarantee for the long-term and stable operation of operators, as well as big data and cloud computing services.
In overseas markets, XMediaTV Solution is integrated with Google's Android TV ecosystem, supporting for legal Google Play Apps, massive YouTube videos, voice search, Google Assistant and Google Home. SDMC is an earlier OTT vendor in the industry that cooperates with Google to launch customized Android TV solutions for operators.
android tv and xmediatv

It is reported that XMediaTV solutions have been launched steadily and successfully on many platforms of operators in China mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Brazil and other countries and regions in half a year. With the development strategy (content + platform + hardware) getting gradually affirmed by the market, SDMC will maintain its industry-leading position relying on the authorized advantages of Android TV certification.


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