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SDMC Maintains Good Cooperative Relationship With Verimatrix

2015-06-05    1422 Reads

SDMC, as the world's leading digital video product R&D company, attaches great importance to service experience for operators and customers. In order to provide better service for operators and let them provide video services securely and better, SDMC has been reaching cooperation agreement with Verimatrix, SDMC AMLOGIC chip products can be smoothly integrated with Verimatrix to enhance the security of video content.
SDMC is committed to the OTT+DVB set-top box product line depth expansion. SDMC DV7904 T2 1080P Quad Core Hybrid DVB T2 Set top Box and DV7810 T2 4K UHD Quad Core Hybrid DVB T2 Set top Box are AMLOGIC chip set top box and they can be integrated with Verimatrix. Those set-top boxes also support 4K HD video playback and h.265 decoding. Apart from ensuring the video resources smooth decoding and giving users the best viewing experience, they also can ensure and enhance the overall safety of operators’ video content.
About DRM Encryption Technology:
First, establish the digital program authorization center. After encoding the compressed digital content, you can use the key for encryption and protection (lock). Encrypted digital program head stored KeyID and program authorization center URL. When users request video on demand, according to the head of program KeyID and URL information, users can through the digital program authorized test center for the authorization to send relevant keys to decrypt (unlock), and then programs can play. Regards to encrypted program, even download the save, without the digital program authorization center authorization, they cannot play, hence the program's copyright is protected.
About Verimatrix
Verimatrix, as a global multimedia digital TV security and value-added services professional provider, is committed to ensuring the security and revenue of global multimedia digital TV service. Awarded and independent verification Verimatrix video content authorization system (VCAs (TM)) and ViewRight (R) solution provides an innovative approach for cable TV, satellite TV, terrestrial TV and IPTV operators, to save network expansion cost and open a new business model. As recognized leader of software security solution for service providers, Verimatrix pioneered three-dimensional security technology to provide operators with a flexible security technology in order to meet the business needs of the continuous development of operators, reducing the income pressure. By maintaining close relationship with the major film companies, broadcasters, industry organizations and unrivaled partner system, Verimatrix help operators provide attractive new services.

SDMC is committed to providing the leading solutions of Digital Video, Smart Connection, and Cloud Services for Operators.

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