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SDMC Back-Office End-to-End Solution

2015-04-13    1606 Reads

SDMC Back-Office End-to-End Solution

The new media system end to end solution, based on cloud media and cloud computing technology, is using the advanced digital TV and network technology to provide end users with audio and video, news, entertainment and other services through the Internet channel and computers, mobile phones, digital TV and other terminal devices.
On one hand, the front-end system is to provide information such as Live TV, VOD, news, pictures, and so on to meet the various requirements of the operators on education, leisure, and entertainment which is a comprehensive service platform available, affordable and accessible. This platform can cover a variety of industry applications, such as home, hotel, securities, enterprise, e-government, online advertising, banks, hospitals, schools, intelligent community, online education and training; It is integrated with big data collection and storage, real-time advertising with precise delivery, interactive advertising and shopping to achieve the target of user behavior analysis and network analysis.
On the other hand, Smart terminal devices, which have been integrated with DRM technology not can only receive HD TV programs, online TV programs, news, and new media advertisement, but also can support to share the content from mobile phones and tablets to the big screen through the protocols Airplay, DLNA and Miracast and use your mobile phones and tablets to control the terminal devices.

Back-Office End-to-End Solution Diagram

Functions Summary:
  • Interactive TV
  • Various of business models: live TV,VOD, music on demand, live video conferencing, network camera video recording.
  • Provide the live TV programs and recording live programs interactive e-programs guide;
  • Support providing VOD services with fast forward,rewind,pause functions and skip to appoint playing time functions;
  • Provide audio and video in-depth personalized service, providing the user with established personal collection list functions;
  • Provide abundant, creative interactive service, let users experience and enjoy the TV education, interactive news, interactive music, interactive games, telecommunications and other rich add-valued applications through the terminals ,meet users demands on education,leisure,entertainment ;
  • Open and standard system integrative interface
  • Support via HTTP,FTP ways to easily integrated docking with the third party libraries and media information system ;
  • Support via web services and other ways to integrated with the third party boss  affordable system and the billing system, synchronizing billing information;
  • Support via resources ID number to integrated with the third party media information system and content management system and every industry information system;
  • Convenient and flexible media capital injection ways
Support various media capital injection ways,it can ensure all servers maximum available and efficient. The flexible and convenient business models can provide operators unified, easy and concentrated management.
  • Support manually all or part copy injection;
  • Provide FTP automatically inject software, automatically inject video resources content ;
  • Platform system have high reliability and stability
Platform system have high reliability can stability run with more users.
  • Support load balancing server cluster
  • The database storage double machine hot standby
  • scheduling resources scientific and unified
  • Support DRM Management
DRM is the mainly means for content operator and platform integrator to protect content, allowing operator definition DRM encryption strategy and setting access authority, supporting integrated DRM system.
  • Dynamic AD insert
No matter live,VOD,EPG and starting up page, it can provide batch, dynamic and  directional AD insert technology, making the AD effect more accurate, generous boost operator returns.
  • Flexible and diversity client and terminal equipment choice
The platform can provide independent research and development of interactive intelligent terminal, including Android ,Linux and other interactive STB,supporting personal computer, mobile phone and various terminal equipment.

SDMC is committed to providing the leading solutions of Digital Video, Smart Connection, and Cloud Services for Operators.

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