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Booth: 6F3-01, Hall 6
Singapore Expo
7 June - 9 June 2023

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Connect with Industry Leaders

Meet SDMC and connect with tens of thousands of senior industry decision-makers. Expand your industry network, exchange ideas, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Experience Our Solutions in Action

Discover our cutting-edge solutions featuring the latest technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi 7, 8K, and Matter. Immerse yourself in the future of technology and experience the next generation of innovation.

Unlock New Business Opportunities

Elevate your business and uncover new opportunities with our range of innovative solutions, including OTT/IPTV/DVB, broadband, and smart home solutions.


About SDMC

As the leading solution provider of digital video, smart connection and cloud services, SDMC is committed to helping global operators deliver immersive video experience and rich entertainment services to their subscribers.

Through close collaboration with ecosystem partners, SDMC has established ecosystem advantages in Android TV devices, Wi-Fi/GPON/Cable Modem devices, OTT/IoT platform, and SaaS cloud services. Since 2003, SDMC has served over 300 customers and 100 million households around the world.



XMediaTV OTT Platform

Experience a comprehensive and hassle-free cloud OTT/IPTV platform with XMediaTV.

SDMC's XMediaTV platform is seamlessly integrating with Google Cloud, providing a turnkey multi-tenant cloud OTT/IPTV platform with advanced big data analysis and processing capabilities. With XMediaTV, you can easily distribute, manage, and monetize video content across multiple devices using powerful systems such as CMS, DMS, ADMS, and FAST, SSAI ad services.

  • Content Aggregation
  • Hybird Deployment
  • All-in-one Solution
  • Faster Time to Market



Experience the convenience of a unified smart home solution with XHome. This all-in-one platform is specifically designed for operators, offering comprehensive device management, maintenance, and operation capabilities for Wi-Fi/gateway devices, OTT streaming devices, and smart home IoT devices. Say goodbye to fragmented systems and streamline your smart home operations with XHome.

  • Home Wi-Fi Management
  • OTT Streaming Device Management
  • Smart Home IoT Device Management

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