• HOTWhat's the different between OTT and IPTV

    What is the different between OTT and IPTV? IPTV operates in a closed system and OTT (over-the-top) video services use the publicly accessible Internet to deliver video streams, click here get more info
    2017-06-20 11:58

  • HOTH.265 VS H.264, What's The Significant Advantages

    H 265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), is the successor standard to H 264, and has generated
    2017-06-12 14:53

  • HOTHow does Android Streaming TV Box Works?

    You need to know how does Android Streaming TV Box works ​before getting it So for making the application of any Best Android TV Box an ease, we have hereby described you the working of an Android TV Box in brief
    2017-06-06 16:49

  • HOTWhat to Look for buying Android TV Box?

    Before buying android tv box we need to consider somethings in order to get the best product So hereby in our comprehensive article, we are also providing our readers with the things you need to consider before purchasing a Best Android TV Box
    2017-06-06 16:41

  • HOTThe difference between digital tv stb and network tv box

    The difference between digital tv stb and network tv box
    2017-05-24 16:18

  • HOTAndroid TV Box Buyers Guide

    What is an Android Smart TV Box? What can android tv box do? What Android Smart TV Device do I need?
    2017-05-05 14:24

  • HOTThe things you need to know before buy Smart TV Box

    Android TV boxes have changed the way many watch movies and TV shows This is a fact that smart tv box become more and more popular in nowadays A large number of set-top box manufacturers Providers emerged Buyer may be very sceptical: how to find the best supplier? What smart tv box will be popular on the market? As a China professional OTT IPTV Solution provider - SDMC tech will tell the tips you need to know before buy Smart TV Box
    2017-05-05 09:54

  • The difference between Amlogic S905, S905X and S912

    S905X is a cost effective model based on S905, the greatest spotlight is that S905X supports VP9 decoding while S905 not Another one is the price As a newer model, S905X has better performance, however, the price is same or a little lower Amlogic S912 CPU with octa core is rapid and stable, which provides the high performance for users in any occupation
    2017-01-03 17:04