SDMC STBs Brief Introduction

SDMC offers a complete and sophisticated platform which consists of two major parts: smart set-top boxes (STBs) and Back-Office End-to-End Solution.

SDMC smart STBs include Android OTT STBs, Hybrid STBs, and DVB STBs. The output resolution of SDMC smart STBs ranges from dual core 1080p, quad core 1080p to quad core 4K UHD. SDMC sells its smart STBs to digital cable, satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications operators as well as to distributors and OTT content providers. The main features of SDMC STBs are the support for DRM, CAS, and Middleware.

SDMC's Back-Office End-to-End Solution is an easy-to-maintain solution for delivering TV, Video-On-Demand, and interactive services to end users who use LAN. It suits for schools, hospitals, hotels, communities, securities firms and so on.

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