DV8219 4K HDR OTT TV Box Powered by Android TV™

Why choose Android TV™ Box?

* Brings endless original content from Google Play, YouTube, Sling and Hulu, etc.
* Operators can customize their own UI for Android TV
* Prioritizes Operator content, channels, and recommendations
* Provides maintenance-free Android TV Platform and cost-saving solution to operators. 
* Ultra security Playready and Widevine DRM
* Chromecast and Google Assistant built-in
* Netflix and other OTT services with a Google Play app out of the box
* Rapid innovations of features and functionality

Note: We have the experience and ability to get Android TV and Netflix approval. Since they are certified project by project, you also need to get their authorization.

Google Certified 4K OTT TV Box DV8219

A World of Content and Apps
YouTube Application
Netflix brings endless videos to operators
Google TV Services
Android TV Google Assistant

Play Android Games with Bluetooth Gamepad
Chromecast built in
SDMC Introduction

       *  14 years experience in digital and internet TV industry.

       *  More than 100 types of product patent.

       *  Independent home media solution and OTT back-office system.

       *  Customization service, free tech support, High quality, fast delivery.

       *  Middleware is designed by SDMC team or provided by SDMC partners like Beenius, Uniqcast, Minerva, etc.