SDMC OTT Back-Office system

2016-01-26 13:42:43

SDMC OTT Back-Office system

SDMC OTT Back-Office system uses the advanced technical architecture, which is compatible with OTT standard specification. It uses the latest computing and storage technology to provide a complete end-to-end OTT solution for telecom carriers, and provide broadband services and broadband for cable operators. Catering the trends of “three screens one platform”, triple play and fixed-mobile convergence, our products provide a comprehensive and unified video solution to meet the demands in the future. The high flexibility of the products enables their implementation from the low bit rate mobile streaming, to Internet of instable network quality, and also to HD video application over carrier-level network; from centralized deployment in medium/small sized cities, to layered distributed deployment in the large cities.


Services Providing:

Live TV
The traditional live TV service is provided by cable TV service providers, cable companies and digital broadcast satellite (DBS) service providers. And it is the main service competed between DSL service providers and cable operators or satellite service providers. System transmits the traditional live TV over IP network, and users can watch live TV by using STB.

• System provides the VoD (Video on Demand) service. Users can choose and view their favorite programs by browsing EPG, also can perform play controlling operations, including pause, fast forward, fast back and so on. The video programs are uploaded to the system in advance, and can be played without a large number of cached content by STB.

Value-added services
•By the means of smooth upgrade and telecom equipment convergence, OTT platform can provide richer value-added services.
  –TV Message: It can generate TV messages in the TVMS management system and then publish the TV messages to users.
  –Advertising: Duration and time of advertisements can be configured for any channel or VOD programs.
  –Multi-screen: TV services are available on PCs, mobile devices, and TV sets.

Terminal Management
Terminal Management System (TMS) provides below functions:
  –Control STB restart and support query of STB network parameters, version information, and        power-on / power-off records.
  –Provide statistics of online STBs.
  –Display the terminal list.
  –Configure terminal parameters.
  –Manage terminal software and OTA upgrade.
  –Support cluster deployment to prevent single point of failure.